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about Us

Welcome to the USA Basketball team! Get to know us better by reading the brief information and history of USA Basketball.

1 Who we are
Based in Colorado Springs, Colo., USA Basketball is a nonprofit organization and the National Governing Body for men's and women's basketball in the United States. As the recognized governing body for basketball in the United States by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), USA Basketball is responsible for the selection, training and fielding of USA teams that compete in FIBA sponsored international basketball competitions, as well as for some national competitions, and for the development of youth basketball initiatives that address player development, coach education and licensing, and safety.
2 History of USA Basketball
In 1974, USA Basketball first organized as the Amateur Basketball Association of the United States of America (ABAUSA). The 1978 Amateur Sports Act passed by Congress was enacted to administer, protect and uphold the integrity of amateur athletics in the USA. From this act, the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) was created. The USOC delegated a National Governing Body for each sport to carry out their respective duties, including: coordinating amateur competition, developing interest and participation in sport and providing information and research on best practices. The ABAUSA was chartered as the National Governing Body for basketball.
The formal name change to USA Basketball occurred in 1989. This was the same year that the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) modified its rules to allow professional basketball players to participate in international competition. With the inclusion of the NBA as an active member of USA Basketball, a tradition of excellence was quickly established with USA Basketball National Teams that has since spread to all men’s and women’s senior and junior teams.
In 2013, USA Basketball created its Youth Development Division to increase its presence in the youth space and greater its role in the development of young players and youth coaches. Today, USA Basketball is equally focused on the goals of winning gold medals in international competition as it is on the proper growth and development of youth basketball by those who play and coach the game.
3 USA Basketball Youth Development Vision and Mission
The mission statement of USA Basketball Youth Development is to promote, grow and elevate the sport of basketball through service and leadership. The USA Basketball Youth Development Division was founded on the values of fun, safety and development. All programs within the Youth Development Division operate with an emphasis on these core values. USA Basketball sets out to encourage a culture of “basketball for life” where whether as players, coaches, officials or fans of the game people will be inspired to continue their participation in the game in some way throughout their whole life.
4 Youth Development Programs
Currently, USA Basketball Youth Development administers eight (8) key programs for both coaches and players. All programs are designed to improve the quality of the game, impart teaching and safety standards, emphasize fun and a developmentally appropriate environment and to overall grow participation and foster an affinity for the sport of basketball.

Coach Licensing

Coach education and safety training to develop an inclusive basketball community of credible, qualified and dedicated coaches who serve in the youth basketball space.

Women in the Game

Addresses the gap and deficiency in the number of women coaching, officiating and administering the game at all levels.

Coach Academy

Live training for coaches to receive valuable insight and education for teaching the game of basketball to young people with sessions led by guest speakers.

Open Court

Connecting players with local facilities with the goal of encouraging open play in a fun and safe environment where a player's participation points are exchanged for prizes.

Youth Clinics

Opportunities for youth to have an initial fun experience in basketball through developmentally appropriate skill stations led by licensed coaches imparting the USA Basketball curriculum.

Regional Camps

Designed for individual skill improvement of all basketball fundamentals along with off-court educational sessions geared for athletes to achieve maximum potential in sport and life.

3x3 Basketball

Incorporating into team practices or playing in regional events and National Tournaments, what used to be a simple half-court pickup game is now an officially sanctioned event with numerous possibilities for individual skill development and National Team competition.

U.S. Open Basketball Championships

Designed to spread national standards of play while serving as a driver to the values of fun, safety and development.